What If…

Two simple words that have a very powerful impact on how one sees themselves and their life. These words can make you think back to a moment when you had a decision/choice to make. When you look back, what made you decide or choose the way you did? Were you lucky enough to get to the point you were trying to get to or were you met with detours?

“What if…” always comes in to play when I start evaluating where I currently am in life. When I look back I start thinking, “what if” I had said yes instead of no, or vice versa? “What if” I had listen to my gut instead of listen to my brain talk me about of trying something out of my comfort zone? I wonder why the “what if” question doesn’t come in to play at the time you are making your decision? Maybe if we asked ourselves “what if” before making a decision, perhaps we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves later and we would be more satisfied with the decisions we’ve made and where we end up in life.

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