30 Days of Songs – Day 1

Day 1 : A Song You Like With a Color In It

The first song that came to mind wasn’t one that I particularly liked so I went with a classic instead. My song of choice for Day 1 is “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones.

I find it interesting that it has an upbeat tempo and catchy sound due to the “rockin’ sitar”, and yet if you listen to the lyrics it is not a happy song at all. When a song I like catches my attention it’s usually due to the sound and melody. The majority of the time, I don’t really pay attention to the message/lyrics unless it is pointed out to me what the lyrics are saying. Then I might look up the lyrics and sometimes I’m surprised at the meaning of the song. Most of the time if I sing along (when no one is around, of course) it’s just because I like the sound of the song.

Shared from YouTube.

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