Thanksgiving has changed.

So here it is Thanksgiving Day in the year 2020. Although, celebrating this holiday for many is much different than years before the COVID-19 pandemic, I find it has become just another Thursday.

My family used to to have the big family gathering with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins but as the years progressed the grandparents and other significant relatives passed away, the kids grew up and soon everyone had their own separate celebrations.

This left my immediate family (mother, after and sister) to get together by ourselves. But when my sister went away to college in California and then stayed there after graduation, it became only my parents and me. My sister came back when she could, but it wasn’t every year. Then I got a job that required me to work on Thanksgiving so that changed the day my parents and I celebrated this holiday. We began eating the Thanksgiving meal one day later.

There were no plan to get together today (T-Day 2020), in fact my parents and I had our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday November 22, because the small turkey my mom bought defrosted too early. So today we will probably get Chinese take-out if there is a place that is open.

Hopefully, Thanksgiving will be somewhat normal next year for those who celebrate with their families. In the mean time everyone stay safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration.